Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University



Issue: 2022 №3 (79)


Huzenko I. Yu.Yefimchuk K. E.  Development of clusters in the conditions of globalization: the experience of the EU countries and the prospects of Ukraine

Pylypenko Yu. I.Kudryavtsev M. I.  Geopolitical and geoeconomic aspects of the development of international business

Lazneva I. O.Vasylchenko K. I.  Competitive struggle of TNC in the global car market: current state and development trends

Savchenko M. V.Kulyavets V. H.Kvasnytska O. H.  Development trends of trade and economic relations between Ukraine and NAFTA countries

Shchurov I. V.  Energy security as a vector of state development under constructive destabilization: ideological aspects


Kasian S. Ya.Pilova K. P.Makukha Yu. M.  International planning of marketing strategic activities of the company: information technologies of brand promotion

Alyoshina T. V.Kozenkov D. E.Salo M. D.  Content marketing as a modern element of a company's marketing strategy

Bezuhla L. S.Shynkarenko N. V.Kuvaieva T. V.  Current trends in the development of the services market in Ukraine

Kononov A. I.  Formation of complex value of an enterprise on the basis of digital marketing: international experience


Shyshkova N. L.Bessonova S. I.  Organizational aspects of formation and submission of financial reporting in iXBRL format

Krylova O. V.Fedorova O. H.Makovin I. V.  Prospects for the development of the banking business of Ukraine in the conditions of global challenges

Matviichuk V. I.Maksymovych A. M.  Diagnostics of the current state of financial market of Ukraine

Shtefan N. M.Solianyk L. H.Stefanenkova Yu. S.  Optimization of the banking products portfolio in the conditions of Fin Tech development using economic and mathematical models

Arefieva O. V.Kalyniuk V. Ye.  Theoretical basis of the formation of adaptive management of enterprise financial security


Baranets H. V.  Provision of transparency of supply chains in the context of achieving sustainable development goals

Rudenko D. O.  Evolution of project management concepts in the context of agile management in IT-organizations

Petrovska S. I.Haidai H. H.Levchuk N. M.Lavryk H. I.  Meta-analysis of the results of researching the quality of city passenger transportation

Spitsyna A. Ye.  Mechanism for implementation of adaptive management of staff in the transport industry


Pashkevych M. S.Pistunov I. M.Huannan Li.  On the issue of selecting the projects for sustainable development of enterprise taking into account interests of stakeholders and the way to solve it

Solianyk L. H.Shtefan N. M.Maidanyk Yu. O.  Modelling of the financial provision of fixed capital reproduction of enterprises

Chobitok I. A.  Formation of the mechanism of management of enterprises based on foresight-innovative technologies

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