Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University



Issue: 2023 №4 (84)


Fedorova N. E.  Influence of sociocultural institutions on the socioeconomic development of society in the era of post-industrialism

Yudenko V. V.Yudenko V. A.  Creative economy: evolution of approaches to the formation of the concept

Shulha O. V.  Intellectual capital: essence and ways of using it

Horbaniov V. S.  On the issue of categorical formalization of the public good phenomenon

Shvabiy K. I.Savchenko S. O.  Economic interests, taxation and justice

Dubiei Yu. V.  Techniques and technology in the system of determinants of the society’s socio-economic development


Prushkivska E. V.Kovalenko R. M.  Features of the world grain market functioning in the conditions of geopolitical instability

Pylypenko H. M.Herasymenko T. V.  Industry 4.0 and its impact on reshoring trends in the global economy


Shportko H. Yu.Alieksieienko I. A.Veremiienko V. V.  Inventory management at the enterprise in conditions of uncertainty

Bardas A. V.Zamkovyi M. Yu.  Quality management in educational organizations: transformation of the environment and features of the formation of local quality management systems

Pistunov I. M.Prykhodchenko O. Yu.  Weighing logistics: on the issue of accuracy of determining the weight of the transported goods


Trehub M. V.Kuvaieva T. V.Pilova K. P.Chursina Ya. V.  Consumer behavior on the market of educational services: features of choosing a specialism and a higher educational institution

Kasian S. Ya.Zozula K. Ye.Buniak V. B.  Analysis of KFC company marketing activities: aspects of sustainable development

Mshvidobadze T. I.Osadze L. T.Sosanidze M. O.  Adapting digital marketing to artificial intelligence


Yermoshkina O. V.Horiacha O. I.  Green financial technologies: behavioral aspects of development

Chornobaev V. V.  Stock exchange activities in the conditions of the spread of artificial intelligence technologies

Krylova O. V.Fedorova O. H.Isaiev I. S.Suhov R. V.  Place of the banking system of Ukraine in the post-war reconstruction of the country


Zaitseva A. S.  Isovariation model of the optimal choice of convergent decision scenarios of industrial enterprises taking into account compliance risks

Komandrovska V. Ye.  Theoretical and methodological basis of the concept of sustainable development of an enterprise

Kochura D. V.  Improved systems of material incentives for employees of mining enterprises taking into account the level of dynamic energy consumption

Arefieva O. V.Andriienko M. M.Shevchuk I. O.  Economic aspects of innovative strategy of enterprise development in the conditions of macroeconomic instability

Shepelenko S. M.  Current trends in the development of domestic industrial enterprises

Myronenko M. A.  Implementation of the concept of lean production in the conditions of the Dnipropetrovsk metallurgical plant

Mosin O. O.  Innovative cluster development across Europe compared to silicon valley

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