Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University



Issue: 2023 №3 (83)


Hanovskyi V. L.  Nature of the monopoly of information and communication platforms

Dereviahin M. V.Prushkivska E. V.  State coordination of aviation industry development in the EU and Ukraine

Yatsykovskyy B. I.Ivanyshyna H. S.Holubka S. M.  Role of mechanisms regulating the environmental and economic development of mining industry in the formation of innovative environment of national economy

Holubka D. S.  Theoretical and methodological fundamentals of studying franchising

Shepelenko S. M.  Influence of human development on the formation of intellectual potential of society


Ishchuk Yu. A.Barchuk K. V.Oryshko D. O.  Specifics of customs relations of Ukraine with european trading partners

Savchenko M. V.Osadchuk A. I.Sergushova I. O.  Conceptualization of glocalization processes in the global economy


Bardas A. V.Rudenko D. O.  The management of it IT-companies business’ scaling in the conditions of the digitalization of the economy

Spitsyna A. Ye.  Modern paradigm of personnel management system of the transport industry

Bondarenko L. A.Vanifatova V. O.  Business process reengineering as a modern approach to managing strategic changes at an industrial enterprise


Mshvidobadze T. I.  Business models and opportunities of artifical intelligence


Solianyk L. H.Krylova O. V.Pozdniakova A. O.  Financial tools of «green» banking as component investments for the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine

Shtefan N. M.Tsurkan I. M.Banshchikova A. O.  Enterprise value management: directions, key factors and growth tools


Arefieva O. V.Kovalchuk A. M.Zahaina S. Yu.  Research of approaches to formation of economic potential of an enterprise in the context of transparency of investment processes

Hovsieiev D. D.  Corporate social responsibility as the basis of innovative development of enterprises

Kalyniuk V. Ye.  Scientific-methodical approach to the formation of economic security of an enterprise

Petrovska S. I.Komchatnykh O. V.Petrovska O. V.  Assessment of the influence of the indicators of providing the quality of the transportation service of the city passenger enterprise on the transportation behavior of consumers in the city of Kyiv

Simkova T. O.Mishchenko V. O.  Formation of a system for ensuring the quality of services of public transport enterprises

Arefiev S. O.Patlay A. I.  Theoretical approaches to determining the essence and features of enterprise scale formation

Zaitseva A. S.  Theoretical background of transparency management development of enterprises in the conditions of convergence of investment processes

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