Economic Bulletin of the National Mining University



Issue: 2021 №1 (73)


Zavazhenko A. O.  Comparative analysis of anti-epidemiological institutional provision of national economies during the covid-19 pandemic

Karpishchenko O. I.Illyashenko K. V.Illyashenko T. O.  Quality of local development – improving european evaluation experience in Ukraine

Chynchyk A. A.  Formation of the tax policy of Ukraine in the context of economic transformation

Yatskevych I. V.Krasnostanova N. E.  Digital technologies in business

Prushkivskyi V. H.Prushkivska E. V.Lytovka V. A.  Values as the basis of corporate culture

Ivanov V. V.  Concept of public entrepreneurship in Ukraine

Bezkorovaina L. V.Boika O. A.Omelyanchyk S. V.  Rural tourism, biodiversity and sustainable development: complementarity and impact on the well-being of rural population

Onysko S. M.Tomashevskyi Yu. M.  Creation of a system of regulation and improvement of the organizational and economic mechanism of functioning of agriculture


Ksendzuk V. V.Nazarenko T. P.Suprunova I. V.  Influence on the system of public governance change of Ukraine’s positions in international rating indicators of foreign trade development in the context of the national economy shadowing as a threat to state security

Dubiei Yu. V.  Technical and technological development: essence and trends under globalization conditions


Bondarenko L. A.  Management of sustainable development of medical and health-improving tourism in Ukraine

Smiesova V. L.Dudka A. S.Dmitrieva A. O.  Digitalization in project management and electronic commerce

Shvets L. V.Komchatnykh O. V.Haidai H. G.  Activation of personnel innovative activity in a competitive environment

Hryniuk O. S.Solosich O. S.  Integration of approaches of anti-crisis management theory into the management system of economic security of the enterprise


Bolduev M. V.Boldueva O. V.Lyshchenko O. H.  Macroeconomic components of electronic document management system in the context of institutional support of automated accounting of business processes in Ukraine

Kozenkova V. D.Kozenkova N. P.  Expert evaluations in financial decision making


Savchuk L. M.Lozovskaya L. I.Savchuk R. V.Yarmolenko L. I.  Modeling of management tasks for the enterprise financial policy

Obruch H. V.  Ensuring the development of railway transport enterprises in the context of digital transformations in the industry

Yurchishina L. I.Tarasenko V. A.  Increasing the competitiveness of tourism enterprises on the basis of benchmarking

Tytykalo V. S.  Stimulators and disincentives of state regulation, functioning and development of machine building enterprises

Shelest T. N.  Strategic orientations for forming a management system for innovation-oriented development of industrial enterprises

Klymenko K. V.  Neural network modeling of innovative development of JSC «Ukrtransnaft»

Arefieva O. V.Polous O. V.  Management of logistical support of innovative cooperation intensification under economy intellectualization

Shkurenko O. V.  Public-private partnership as a tool of maintaining the balance of the circular economy model: scientific and practical aspects

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